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Top 10 middle school life hacks from a 6th grader

Top 10 middle school life hacks from a 6th grader

by NevaehM

I started middle school four weeks ago and I have settled in. I can say that middle school has been the most difficult thing I have done.

I have never been in a place that seemed to expect so much of me in a very short time.  It’s like, c’mon! Everything has levels, right? Like when I start playing a video game I still have to start at level 1! Not level 7. I think more adults should understand that.

But honestly the first week of middle school was very overwhelming and I don’t want anyone feeling the way that I did so I put together a list of life hacks.

Here are 10 life hacks to help your friends or brothers and sisters survive middle school:

1. Know that there will be bells. Many bells and announcements over the PA all the time about everything. The extra sound really hurts my head and affects my powers. You can ask your teachers if it’s OK to wear earbud headphones.  I keep one in my ear and the other one out and play music softly.  This really helps me to focus and distracts me from the high pitched noises.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

2. Keep your schedule with you at all times.  This one is important because I got lost a few times. Trust me, it helps to know where you are supposed to be.

3. Bring a water bottle if one of your periods is gym. I like this Sports Water Bottlebecause I can grab it and go and holds a lot of water! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Plus it’s now half off!

4. Also, about gym! You’ll get a gym locker! Bring hygiene items with you to school to keep in your gym locker.  My mom made a bag for me with face wipes, deodorant and other things to help me stay fresh.

5. Have supplies before you start school! Make sure you get a 3-ring folder with 5 dividers because most teachers want you to have them but honestly, they really help me keep on track

6. Don’t worry about being cool. I learned that usually when I follow my heart and join the clubs or sports I want to, it usually ends up the popular activity ANYWAY. Go with what you know. Not what someone tells you. Always.

7. If you have a cell phone, keep it in your lunch box. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but I really needed to text my mom when things got tough.  So, I asked if I could get a snack from my lunchbox and sent a text to my mom! Plus the extra padding in my lunchbox kept my phone safe. Obviously you can’t do this all the time.  This will be our secret!

8. Get a small white board and ask your parents to hang it on the wall! As soon as I come home I do what me and my mom call a “brain dump”. This helps me get my feelings off my chest and remember the classwork I need to study! 

9. Be prepared to work the hardest you have ever worked before! You will have 7 classes with 6 or 7 teachers and different kids in EACH of those classes.  It’s exhausting!

10. It’s OK to ask for help. In fact, the adults at school want you to ask them! If you ask nicely they will assign one of the older kids to help you get to classes. (I got assigned a really nice 8-grader and she’s my homegirl now.)

To all my people with special powers, you will feel bored, distracted and like you don’t fit in. I am learning that it’s OK to not fit it, but stand out. Take your time and allow yourself to get the hang of things. It’s cool to sit up front and ask questions too.  Don’t let the lame-os in the class make you anything but powerful. “Too school for cool!”

Hope this helps!

Love ,


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