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Upcoming Event

Details to be Announced


1. Precious Gems Young Author



2. Los Angeles City College Porch Talk
3. University of California Riverside Author Spotlight
4. Speech & Language Center Booking Reading and Signing



5. Los Angeles Valley College New Author Summit
6. Trade Technology Biological Psychology Summit

Past Events

Better Than A Diagnosis: A Single Parent’s Guide to Autism Book Launch Party.

Better Than A Diagnosis: A Single Parent’s Guide to Autism is a never before seen autobiographical novel meets well-researched roadmap in navigating the world of autism.


This Launch Party will kick-off with yummy refreshments and introductions.


You can count on a high-level presentation, surprise musical guests, book reading, Q&A, and book signing.

You’re invited to celebrate life, awareness, hope, and acceptance. See you there!

A Day In May


A Day in May with Lady Mae is one of the highlights of the Church of God in Christ.  First Lady Mae L. Blake shares her success to over 500 women annually. Antoinette Banks is the first speaker to share the day with Lady Mae L. Blake in over 15 years.  Antoinette’s topic is on “A Warrior Mom.”



Sunday, May 11, 2019 @9: 30 AM

West Angeles Church

3045 Crenshaw Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90016

We Are Who We Think We Are


Antoinette R. Banks is the guest speaker at Los Angeles City College’s Biological Research and Behavioral Methods seminar.  “We Are Who We Think We Are” is a talk on the brains amazing ability to restructure itself based on a new experience.


Antoinette encourages students to understand neuroplasticity and the unexplored region of epigenetics together in the form of positive thinking.



LACC Holmes Hall 6

May 2, 2019 @ 4:00pm

855 N Vermont Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA 90029

Parent Workshop


This parent workshop is geared towards parents with children with autism spectrum disorder.


Antoinette will share her personal success story with understanding and unlocking the potential within her daughter who now no longer meets the eligibility for autism.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019 @ 11:00AM

1512 S Arlington Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90019

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Our personal goal is to live our most happie-life! Whatever that looks like, sounds like, walks like, talks like-we are interested in pursuing our specific happie-life.