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Better Than A Diagnosis

A Single Parent’s Guide to Autism is a never before seen autobiographical novel meets well researched road map in navigating the world of autism.

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Better Than A Diagnosis: A Single Parent’s Guide to Autism

Better Than A Diagnosis: A Single Parent’s Guide to Autism is a never before seen autobiographical novel meets well-researched roadmap in navigating the world of autism.


As most parents face barriers with getting support for their children on the spectrum, Antoinette’s unique perspective as a single parent pulls the reader into a cocoon of relatable inspiration.


Antoinette says, “I know what it feels to be told a thousand times ‘no’ when it came to the care of my child. I know how it feels like to be abandoned by friends and family over the choice to stay committed to the rollercoaster of autism. I wrote this book for every person who ever felt alone, challenged, and frustrated in combating autism. There is hope. And hope is Better Than a Diagnosis.”


Where My Dog Leads Me: The Unusual Life of a Girl and Her Support Companion

“Where My Dog Leads Me: The Unusual Life of s Girl and Her Support Companion” 2019 is a fiction book filled with interesting stories a child learns from the responsibility of a dog companion.


Excerpt: Annie licked me on my face and suddenly I was calm again. The abrasive sounds that hurt me and the bright fluttering of the fluorescent light seemed to melt away, Annie, my poodle mix had brought me back from a space where time stands still. This what my mother meant about sensory overload.


Out December 2019


Parent IEP Survival Guide

Parent IEP Survival Guide is an easy to read cheat sheet into the IEP process. Sometimes we, as parents, get frustrated during meetings because we don’t understand the lingo. Here’s a parent guide to surviving an IEP meeting.


Excerpt: Make sure the school understands your willingness to be involved in the process. Ask who will be attending the meeting. Knowing how many people will be here ahead of time will take out some of the shock when you arrive and there’s a bunch of people sitting there. If your child gets related services, like Speech or OT, make sure they will attend the meeting.


Out February 2020 just in time for IEP season.

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