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On July 27, 2019, I launched my book, Better Than A Diagnosis: A Single Parent's Guide to Autism at the Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel. Writing this book has been the single the most challenging and rewarding processes I have willingly endured.
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Better Than A Diagnosis Book Launch

Better Than A Diagnosis Book Launch

On July 27, 2019, I launched my book, Better Than A Diagnosis: A Single Parent’s Guide to Autism at the Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel.

Writing this book has been the single most challenging and rewarding processes I have willingly endured. Times in my life, I wanted to forget resurfaced to best benefit someone who would walk in my shoes as a single parent to a child on the spectrum. I think back to a time where everyone counted my daughter out. To them, she was a diagnosis and not a person. My daughter went from being on the severe side of the spectrum to now no longer meeting the diagnostic criteria for autism! Being able to share this journey forged in blood and sweat equity is my gift to the world. 

People say launch a business, launch a rocket, or in my case, launch a book, but what’s to this word launch? Launch doesn’t merely mean to toss; it means to hurl with a great force. Is it safe to assume that for something to be launched, there first needs to be some resistance, some oppositions, some adversity that requires being catapulted over and shattered?

I think if we are honest, everyone says they want to start something, and either talks themselves out of it or pretends the desire never appeared.

Rarely does a person follow through with venturing out into the unknown because to do that requires a perfect mixture of vulnerability, acceptance of critiques, and the right kind of crazy sprinkled on top.

But on July 27, 2019, in a city where no one shows up unless there’s a scene or the vibe is right, and even after the original launch date changed, I am thrilled, honored and humbled at the ones that did come.

Celebrity makeup artists Christian did my makeup and my photographer Kadeem Alexander did an incredible job capturing the scenery along with Leonard Creer of Believeable Creations.


Movements of love:

Red carpet highlights:

MC’ing, Presenting, Special Guest:

Believe it or not, this was the first time I presented my findings on the research I have done with over 200 mothers of children with ASD. It is a fascinating notion to experience, understand, and then unlock the biological psychology behind the behaviors of a person with ASD. I thank everyone for listening and accepting the call to change the game on necessary improvements within the learning culture and environment of a person with autism spectrum disorder.

I am also thrilled at the knowledge that pours so freely from my daughter.  Her willingness to share what impacts her is so profound.  She’s ready for the mic!

Dance Party:

For my daughter to have been told that she would never have hand/eye coordination or exhibit social skills, let alone walk on her own, I wanted to give me daughter an opportunity to dance. And DANCE SHE DID, brilliantly and without hesitation. What autism?

Book Reading & Signing:

Beautiful Guests:

I want to give a special shout-out to the Happie Life Team:

Ramona Holland

Elandra King

Nayeena Limenih

Nicole Banks

Evan Farmer

& Huge thank you to Tonya Spencer-Walker, Director of Catering & Events at the Sheraton Hotel

Click this photo to get your copy of the book. 


Many more book signings and Happie Life moments are on the horizon.  Please check here for upcoming events.  If you have any family members or friends who are dealing with the challenges of ASD, share this link with them –this book will change their life. 





Antoinette and Nevaeh

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