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About Us

Happie Life is a neurodevelopmental movement.

When Nevaeh was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder six years ago, Antoinette had no idea what autism was. The evaluation reports indicated Nevaeh was on the severe side of the spectrum and suggested Nevaeh would never exhibit social skills, lack hand/eye coordination and would need round the clock care for the rest of her life.

With hard work and determination, Antoinette and Nevaeh shattered all doctors’ reports. Nevaeh now no longer meets the eligibility for autism.

Books written by Antoinette R. Banks and her daughter Nevaeh are published to help encourage families to pursue their Happie Life.

About Antoinette R. Banks

Antoinette R. Banks is a mother to Nevaeh, author, entrepreneur and budding neuropsychologist. Her research in autism spectrum disorder allows ASD families to understand the brain and make informed decisions on the care and advocacy of loved ones.

Antoinette has a patent pending on software that puts the decisions back into the hands of families during the IEP process.

Antoinette is a devoted member of her church community and a humanitarian at heart having helped to construct global faith-centers, housing, and sustainable water wells. Antoinette plans to take her humanitarian know-how, coupled with research, passion, and proven teaching methods to open a diagnostic and treatment center for families with ASD.

About Nevaeh

Nevaeh is one-of-a-kind. Having overcome so much has given Nevaeh an unmatched joy in every situation. Standing 5’9” at 12-years-old, Nevaeh is reigning state champ in volleyball and basketball and is currently writing a book called “Where My Dog Leads Me.”

Nevaeh is passionate about breaking autism spectrum disorder stereotypes and plans on launching a YouTube channel to offer insight on self-discovery and beating the hardest games on Nintendo Switch, including The Legend of Zelda™, in just seven days.

Nevaeh loves God, her mother, family, and her dog, Annie.

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Our personal goal is to live our most happie-life! Whatever that looks like, sounds like, walks like, talks like-we are interested in pursuing our specific happie-life.